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What is Piles?

Piles or Hemorrhoids are a swollen bunch of blood vessels that are found in the Anal Canal. The veins in the anus are Cushions which help in smooth defecation. These get irritated due to irregular bowel movement and prolapse slowly. Piles can vary in size. It is estimated that around 40 million Indians are affected by piles. Piles can affect anyone at any age. They affect 50% of the population at some time in their life.


Piles is a problem that people of all ages face. Laser treatment for piles in Pune is a procedure that can be done through a small incision, with minimal downtime and maximum results. Dr. Nikhil Jillawar offers laser pile treatment in Pune.




What are the types of Piles disease?

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Symptoms of Piles

Causes of Piles

Difference between Non-Laser and Laser Piles Treatments

Difference between Non-Laser and Laser Piles Treatments

Piles, medically known as haemorrhoids, are divided into following grades depending upon their severity.

  • Grade 1: In the initial stages, piles are best treated with non-surgical treatment. it is treated with MCDPA – which is an acronym for Medicines ( Herbal ), Constac ( Ayurvedic laxative powder ), Dietary changes, Physiotherapy and Ayurvedic oil therapy.
  • Grade 2: Grade 2 is where the mass of haemorrhoids begins to come out of the anal opening (prolapse) during defecation but goes back in, on completion of the act. Many a times in Grade 2, especially if your doctor suggests so, a trial of MCDPA is given with an expectation that it would get cured. In case of failure of MCDPA, or if your doctor deems it necessary at diagnosis itself, Laser Haemorrhoidoplasty ( LHP ) is done.
  • Grade 3: In Grade 3, the prolapsed haemorrhoidal mass does not go back on its own, but needs to be manually pushed back. Laser Haemorrhoidoplasty ( LHP ) is done in the early stages of Grade 3, the later stages would most often need a Stapler Surgery.

How does Laser work?

Laser Haemorrhoidoplasty has no cuts or incisions. Leonardo Laser is a Diode laser. Its fiber is passed through the natural anal opening and laser energy is applied to the haemorrhoidal mass. This controlled emission of laser energy reaches the submucosal zone, causing the haemorrhoidal mass to shrink. In addition, fibrotic reconstruction generates new connective tissue which ensures that the mucosa adheres to the underlying tissue. This prevents the recurrence of prolapse. No foreign material is left in the body following the procedure.


Dr. Nikhil Jillawar is one of the best piles treatment doctor in Pune. He is well-known for his expertise in treating Piles or haemorrhoids with the latest technologies and advanced techniques.


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